SAO – Episode 4 Status

Everything complete. Now uploading to our seedbox…


Seedbox online!

So I’ve configured our seedbox now. Should get decent speeds. We may switch to a .com domain later on if I figure out how to do so.


Also, episode 4 work should be starting soon. I’ve been away at Adelaide’s anime convention so yeah. And I don’t have the raw yet.

More notices.

Keeping you guys up to date.

We’re now looking into getting a dedicated seedbox so you don’t have you continuously facedesk at the download speeds. I’m currently going though some seedbox reviews and we should have one in a few days or for our next release.

Regarding our previous releases, you may notice the quality of them are somewhat poor compared to our best work with episode 3. When the series is over, I shall be going over the older episodes so they look as good as our better releases. Not to mention probably changing the fonts around. Apparently it’s very plain. (However I like simple things, they just work!)

Our next release might be delayed by a bit since there’s a anime convention here in Aus and I’m also changing my ISP which takes some time as I shall be without the internet for maybe a week. All depends on the company.

New Member Recruitment

Hi everyone, we’re looking to expand our staff a bit. Last week we realized that if one member of our staff has to be away for any reason whatsoever we are severely crippled. To solve this problem we are now recruiting a few people.

We’re currently looking for:

Quality Checkers




Drop a message to me on IRC (Kris) if interested.

Edit: Zoss. Added Typesetter.

General notices.

So as of late, I’ve gotten a bit of feedback from someone who says we suck at distro. Yes, we do. None of us have the upload speed for good seeding. I’m Australian and everyone knows we have 3rd world net. I have the upload speed of about 90kb/s and that’s maxing my connection bandwidth out. Kris has about the same upload speed. I’ll talk to DreGon for distro solutions but for the time being,  you might have to sit with our crappy upload speeds hopefully others/peers will seed our releases.

We don’t ask for donations nor run ads, we use WordPress as a website as you can see. We’re purely using ‘free’ solutions for subbing, we don’t have the money for a seedbox.

Also, I noticed that the chapters for Episode 2 are broken, for some reason. I swear I put them in correctly. However, for such a small issue, I don’t see the reason to create a patch just for that. I’ll fix that with the batches in the end, best off to fix everything with the batches and add in Kara, etc. I’ve created notes for myself for these fixes.

Secondly, I have gone through -some- typesetting lessons and you will probably not have eye cancer after reading my signs anymore. You’ll be getting stuff like this. I would have fully finished my ‘training’ but a Uni/College assignment has taken the best of me this week.

Link to example of somewhat better signs.

Lastly, we MAY be slightly delayed due to Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend, depending on Kris’s dependency on his fix for GW2, however I don’t see him as the irresponsible type, so we should be on time this week, depending on the encoder and the TLC.