Update on SOA Episode 2.

Hi all.

Just a quick piece of news, as our release will probably be delayed by a number of hours as our main TL’er is at a Con in America.

Also, we have a new staff member, so we’re going to have to adjust to him as well. He’ll be providing our raws and encoding, you’ll find him listed as such on our staff page.

Sorry for the delays and such, but yaknow, things clash. I’ll see if I can get the other tl’ers to work on it. Episode 2 will also feature cleaner fonts, as I’m not 100% satisfied with my first choice.

Edit: Oh and, when this series is done, our batch script for Episode 1 will have the ED subbed and timed, we just didn’t have a tl for the ED yet.


3 responses to “Update on SOA Episode 2.

  1. It’s actually better if we release 2-3 days after the anime comes out. If we release the day or right after the day it airs, then we might as well be a speed sub group. I know that other big groups like EveTaku, UTW, Gotwoot, etc. release faster than us, but they also have more staff members. If we want our subs to be the best quality, then I highly recommend we go with my suggestion.

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