SAO Epi 2 Status

GMT 9:30 (16/7/12) 1:28pm – Timing, tl, signs all done. Awaiting encode QC, karaoke for ED/OP.

GMT 9:30 (16/7/12) 5:58pm – Still waiting for Encode, Qc, Kara.

GMT 9:30 (17/7/12) 7:45am – Waiting for download so we QC and can put up a torrent.

GMT 9:30 (17/7/12) 8:55am – (Timer still waiting for his net to dl the file). But QC is going on atm.

GMT 9:30 (17/7/12) 10:31am – We’re both now QCing, but we’ve noticed that the encoder didn’t put chapters so we’re quickly muxing them in and patching once we’ve gone over the whole episode. Also, we’re waiting for the whole singles for the both the op and ed songs before we put in the kara.


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