Device Encodes?

Alright, I’m DreGon45, the encoder for this lovely group. I’m here to ask if any of our followers would be interested in me making our shows compatible with devices like: Xbox 360s, PS3’s, Apple Iphones/Itouches, ect. If you have any interests, then leave a comment here telling which device you’d like it to be. I look forward to hearing from you guys.


4 responses to “Device Encodes?

  1. Rather than spending the time to reencode your releases to fit the needs of the users why not just throw up a guide on how to use HandBrake. It would be good for you as once the guide is done its done and it would be good for the users because they can actually learn how to use a tool to do it themselves.

    I use HandBrake to convert anime for viewing on my PS Vita and it works like a charm with very little tweaking. The only real thing people will need to learn is the steps to have the subs burned into the video file.

  2. Because I have the spare time to do so, but I’ll go with your suggestion because I like to help people learn new things :p.

    • If you have noticed, me and Kris only have a upload speed of about 90kb/s maxing out out bandwidth, that’s about 200kb/s give or take at a good day. We don’t run ads nor a dedicated domain name for funds for a seedbox or anything, so we’re just using our home internet as a seed, and we can’t upload all day, all night.
      It’s up to Kris if he wants to try and put ads or donations up for a seedbox or something.

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