Sao 7 delays and seeding changes.


Quick notice, we’re delaying our SAO 7 release until our TL gets back from whatever he’s doing. Moving or something. He should be back within the week. We may release two episodes next week, depending on the timing.

Seedbox seems to have configured fine, BT and Bots should be working.


Sword Art Online – 6

Sorry for the delays. DreGon was out of town and forgot to tell us so it screwed us up majorly. Also, yes we know that the kara is not perfect 100%, I will get onto that once DreGon is actually around and then I can fix it. So all I’ve done in this episode was retime it and get rid of a captialisation.

Also, picked up a few timing techniques and redid the area type signs, so you should see more improvement overall.

This is probably the first episode we’ve completed that I almost feel is perfect; there should be no errors. This should be archive quality, but the kara needs touching on before I can say that =(

Apart from the kara – but it’s not like I can fix it yet.

Torrent: Nyaa

DDL: Mediafire |

(Ps. I did muck around with the fonts so please post if the fonts aren’t working correctly.)

Sword Art Online – Episode 5

Yes, we were off schedule a bit, we derped. Why? Well, the encoder stuffed up his timecodes and had to reencode so that’s 12 hours down and I had no net for a day.

Apparently they forgot to tell me when my net was switching over, I would have an outage for a while. Nice right? Anyway, we have fixed some script issues that may have been happening to some of you and everything should be fine. As a result I’ve redone most of the typesetting.

Torrent: Nyaa

DDL: Mediafire

Regarding the lack of karaoke…

We still haven’t done it because the singles aren’t out yet (To my knowledge). I’m not sure if I’d already talked about this in a previous notice, but I’m just going to say it again if I haven’t already just in case.
Update: So I’ve been informed that the singles are out, so depending on getting it translated and whatnot, we may have it in by next episode.
Update2: Only ED single out, not the OP.