Regarding the lack of karaoke…

We still haven’t done it because the singles aren’t out yet (To my knowledge). I’m not sure if I’d already talked about this in a previous notice, but I’m just going to say it again if I haven’t already just in case.
Update: So I’ve been informed that the singles are out, so depending on getting it translated and whatnot, we may have it in by next episode.
Update2: Only ED single out, not the OP.


Seedbox online!

So I’ve configured our seedbox now. Should get decent speeds. We may switch to a .com domain later on if I figure out how to do so.


Also, episode 4 work should be starting soon. I’ve been away at Adelaide’s anime convention so yeah. And I don’t have the raw yet.

More notices.

Keeping you guys up to date.

We’re now looking into getting a dedicated seedbox so you don’t have you continuously facedesk at the download speeds. I’m currently going though some seedbox reviews and we should have one in a few days or for our next release.

Regarding our previous releases, you may notice the quality of them are somewhat poor compared to our best work with episode 3. When the series is over, I shall be going over the older episodes so they look as good as our better releases. Not to mention probably changing the fonts around. Apparently it’s very plain. (However I like simple things, they just work!)

Our next release might be delayed by a bit since there’s a anime convention here in Aus and I’m also changing my ISP which takes some time as I shall be without the internet for maybe a week. All depends on the company.