OK, DreGon45 back in the saddle.

Alright, I’ve been out of the game for I don’t know how long. Zoss and Kris went they’re own ways, but since I still have access to this sight, I’ll be taking the reigns from here. When I get to it, I’ll be redoing the site a little and updating the staff list. As of right now, I’m the only one on Cynic-subs. I encode and have decent timing/k-timing skills. If there are others out there with more skills, feel free to leave comments or to hop onto the IRC. TLers, karaoke makers, and typesetters will be my main focus, but I’ll be looking forward to seeing others flood in if interested. As of right now, there aren’t any specific shows that I’m looking at doing. So if there are old or new animes that you would like to do. PM them and what’d you’d be interested in doing to help me out, subbing wise. I’m willing to work with what I got, so if you feel like your skills aren’t that great, sign up anyway. We’ll all grow together as a team. Here’s to a new start and a fresh beginning. 


Timer: Can use Audio and .pass files to time .ass subs.

Typesetter: Able to make signs that can blend in with the back ground.

TL/TLCer; Translates the anime. (willing to take any experience I can get with this position).

Karaoke: Know’s how to work .lua or afx to make nice but simple karaoke intros and endings.

Editor: Must be fluent in Engrish to make sure everything is written and punctuated correctly.

I’ll Worry about the Capping, encoding and Distro for right now. Any help will be greatly appreciated.